A Story of Cooking, Carving, and Love

I cook.

Drew carves.

I asked Drew to make some spoons for me to use in the kitchen. The end result is a story of love, craft, and the heart warming meals that come from our handmade life.

To order Drew’s spoons, spatulas, salad tossers, tasting spoons, and other beautiful wood work, head to his Etsy site, The Hearth and Spoon.

Endless thanks to Dan Socie for his beautiful video work.  xo

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6 thoughts on “A Story of Cooking, Carving, and Love

  1. Dana B

    What a BEAUTIFUL video! Your love for each other is so obvious, and the love that you have for the handmade/home cooked is infectious. I want to carve my own spoon right now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Aura Caplett Post author

      Thanks so much, Dana! I think Drew will be teaching some spoon carving classes sometime down the road 🙂 Thanks for the comment and for watching!

    1. Aura Caplett Post author

      Awe thanks, Stephanie! So glad to have met you! Dan is a wonderful film maker-it was an honor to be filmed!


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